Why You Should Always Hire A Developer To Build Your Shopify Website

Why you should hire a Shopify developer.

In my experience, hiring a developer has tremendous benefits for you and your business in the long term. I’m a developer, so that statement should carry some weight. Let me break it down for you.

1. A developer saves you a lot of time

As a business owner, you want to focus on things that accelerate the growth of your business, things that increase profitability. I know it sounds ridiculous to spend money to save money, but if you think about it, you’ll see the genius of it.

Developing a good website is a key component to the success of your business. A website needs to look professional from the onset. Remember, customers decide whether or not to trust your website faster than you can snap your fingers when they log on. Do you really want to leave this to chance? I think you know what to do to keep those bounce rates low.

Instead of wasting time trying to figure out where to get stock images that match your business’s niche, a developer will most likely have tonnes of ideas ready to fly from the moment you hand them your requirements. They’ll use a theme, color scheme, and images that best suit your business. Let them do the job already!

2. Developers know what is trending in the development world

Believe it or not, website development, like any other industry, has trends. Trends that a developer is more conversant with compared to you. These trends are important because they make your website appear up-to-date to your customers, further increasing trust.

Now you might be wondering, trends? How will a customer know what is trending? Why do they even care? The answer is simple. Your customers visit a lot of different websites every single day. During their visits, they will likely notice subtle similarities in design elements across different websites that make the internet feel familiar and safe. They will notice when your website throws them off with old or awkward designs, trust me. They’ll pass judgment and not the good kind.

You can avoid these issues by hiring a developer.

3. Developers inadvertently educate you

There is so much you can learn from developers; if you keep them close, you can also gain much more from them than they can from you.

A developer, particularly a freelance developer, works on many distinct projects offering similar services. An upside to this is that they retain access to all these websites after they are launched. As a drop shipper, you can see why keeping someone like this close would be good. They can tell you whether the products you intend to sell are likely to work or whether they’ve been exhausted.

Additionally, developers know which tools other Shopify users use on their stores and which ones work better. If you ask for their advice, they’ll give you a list of apps they think you should use. You should then research to determine whether those apps could work for your business.

As a Shopify website owner, you probably understand how important a theme is to your store. You can have a good-looking theme that has little functionality or is sluggish and consequently increases the bounce rate on your website, which inherently lowers conversions. Developers have already tried out many themes and know which ones are fast, functional and easy to use. You want to tap into this experience.

4. Website developers know the best web design practices

It’s difficult to notice red flags in a partner when you’re in love. Similarly, when you’re passionate about your business, it can be difficult to tell when you’re making mistakes that will hurt your business later. Developers do not have the same sentimental attachment to your business and can easily point out looming issues.


I hope you see why hiring a developer could help you grow your business. However, I understand that not everyone can afford to hire a developer at the onset of their investment. In this case, it would help to learn how to build your website and only hand over the role later when your business becomes profitable.

I would also recommend that you take precautions when hiring a developer. Not all developers are worth your investment. Come up with a series of questions that will help you gauge their skill level before hiring them.

Don’t go for the cheapest developer you can find. That is often a fatal mistake you can and should avoid.

Head on to Upwork or Fiverr to find freelance developers to work for you. You can also Hire Me to work for you; I’d be honored and elated to bring your ideas to life.

All the best!

Duncan Kishira

Software engineer cum eCommerce entrepreneur and writer. Professional Shopify dropshipping store developer (5 years of experience). I share the knowledge I've acquired through years of practice and also offer professional services on this website.

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